Manfred G. Neun

Manfred G. Neun

Manfred G. Neun is a researcher, advocate and advisor for sustainable mobilities.

As President of the European Cyclists’ Federation (2005 – 2017), and of the World Cycling Alliance (2014 – 2018), he shaped the world of global cycling advocacy. In particular he was introducing, promoting and contributing Cycling Economy/Economics and Active Mobility and, thus, widening the frames for sustainable mobilities. At his ECF/WCA farewell in Milan, May 2018, his work was acknowledged with the title of an “Honorary ECF President”.

He is a member of the International TDM Committee, CIVITAS SUMP ambassador and member of National and International boards and committees, speaking on global summits as the International Transport Forum, the ITS World Conference Copenhagen 2018 and many others.

He is founder and principal of the Fusion Mobility Memmingen Institute. By prioritizing active modes of transport he is following and developing sustainable and systemic approaches in all mobilities. Internationally he is renowned as a respected expert in (1) Framing and widening the frames for sustainable mobilities; (2) Interdisciplinary approaches on complementary and integrated mobilities, to overcome the competition of transport modes on the way to connected mobility; and (3) Socio-economic values and sustainability contributions to better balance and guideline technical and behavioural solutions to the climate crisis and UN Global Goals (SDGs). According to this he increasingly is contributing contentwise to the European Green Deal.