Ruud van den Dries

Ruud van den Dries

Ruud van den Dries, working as Mobility Innovator at  MAP traffic management, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I work within several projects focused on Traffic Management. Mainly operational and using techniques of tomorrow.

Throughout my work my focus is on evolving the way we travel and choose to travel. My vision is that through a well advised traveler which has access to various means of travel, through MaaS, we as Traffic Managers will be able to spread travel demand over any infrastructure, thus optimizing the use off all capacity on a travelers route. By optimizing travel modes on a personal level, with respect to the full network, we should be able to reach an near network optimum.


Social Traffic Management

Our world is changing under the influence of ever more and better services provided to everybody. This results in easier access to services and more affordable services. In the domain of Transportation, for example Mobility-as-a-Service is set to provide more, cheaper and easier to use mobility services to end user.