Mark Bugeja

Mark Bugeja

Mark is a Researcher at the Institute of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, at the University of Malta, where he works on research that bridge the gap between my Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Transport Automation. Over the years, Mark has worked in various projects and garnered experience in different technical and academic AI areas.  Mark has published work in multiple peer-reviewed publications on Gamification, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Transport.  Mark is also a casual lecturer within the department of AI at the University of Malta, where he lectures on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence, including Computer Vision and Game AI. He graduated with a BSc. (Hons) In Creative Computing with the University of London and got his MSc in Artificial Intelligence in 2017 at the University of Malta. He is currently reading for a PhD in AI at the University of Malta, where he is investigating the use of Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning techniques in Autonomous Transport Management. Mark is also one of the management leads at the Google Developer Group Malta, which offers an excellent platform to share knowledge through talks and workshops.



My input lies in investigating the concept of Circular Economy and Sharing Economy in the mobility system. Which materials are used, how can they be looped and what hidden energy or material uses exist? Finally, how can mobility’s energy and material use be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable?