Maria Attard

Maria Attard

Professor Maria Attard is Head of Geography and Director of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Malta. She studied Geography in Malta and completed her PhD in Geography in 2006 at UCL in London. She joined academia soon after graduating from her undergraduate studies, as a research assistant and followed up on her studies to eventually become a resident academic within Geography. During and after her PhD she also served as a consultant to three transport ministers in Malta, developing and implementing national transport projects such as the Park and Ride in Floriana, the pedestrianisation of Merchant Street in Valletta, the Controlled Vehicular Access (CVA) system in Valletta and the public transport reform. Having specialised in urban

and transport geography she could apply a number of subject specific and generic skills to her work. The subject specific skill of understanding spatial relationships between people’s mobility and land uses came in handy when assessing the travel behaviour of people. Whilst other skills such as numeracy, cartographic skills, and research and writing skills were useful when building the evidence for a particular transport policy and subsequently, developing and writing up policy documents for Government. In academia she used her experiences to teach and engage students in the field with real projects. Today Prof. Attard is editor of two research journals in the field of Transport and is a book series editor on Transport and Sustainability. She sits on international research commitees and works on various research projects in Malta and abroad.



My input lies in investigating the concept of Circular Economy and Sharing Economy in the mobility system. Which materials are used, how can they be looped and what hidden energy or material uses exist? Finally, how can mobility’s energy and material use be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable?