Mafalda Farmhouse

Mafalda Farmhouse

Mafalda Farmhouse is a Landscape Architect that has been working for the City Council of Lisbon since 1990. She has elaborated public and green space projects, participated in multidisciplinary urban planning teals and integrated projects, and has worked in green spaces and territorial management.

Her connection to mobility started around 1993, as a representative of the Municipal Directorate of Environment and green spaces, in working groups led by those responsible for what was then called “Traffic”, making a bridge between environmental and public space issues and the pure and rough traffic engineering.

In 2016, she joined the Municipal Mobility Directorate to work essentially on the cycling network and the bike sharing public system. With the appearance in Lisbon, in 2018, micro-mobility shared with private operators, she became responsible for the technical issues regarding the monitoring and management of shared mobility services operating in the city.



Visioning a people-centered city, Lisbon is creating the basis for a large multimodal mobility system, based on strong public transport systems, complemented by efficient active modes and shared services. Lisbon has thus called on innovative and disruptive companies to established in the city and help create a shared mobility community.