Giordano Ambrosi

Giordano Ambrosi

Marketing Manager for Intercomp, caring of the communication for all the corporate media. An international education on journalism, communication and marketing held in different countries have made me aware of the value and the importance of maintaining an international vision knowing how to grasp the characteristics of each nation. Differences that constitute their wealth. Wealth that has contributed to my personal and professional growth. Smart Cities are about to become inclusive environments thanks to new technologies. As per Smart Parking, devices and data must consider and answer to the whole necessities of the eco-systems. The real competition among hi-tech solutions and big data representation is based on understanding people’s needs.



Covid-19 has drastically changed our habits, our relations and our routines. The impact on mobility will be vast and municipality must settle a strategy based on smart technologies, internet data and online operations, getting ready for next challenges.