Friso Metz

Friso Metz works as a senior advisor for Advier, a Dutch consultancy located in the historic city of Delft.

Friso is a highly experienced advisor with a large Dutch and international network in the field of mobility management, shared mobility and behaviour change.

He has studied urban and regional planning at Groningen University and has followed a course on behavioural economy at University of Toronto Rotman School of Management.

People who know Friso may tell you that he is creative, has a listening ear and is an analytic person who is focused on building bridges between different sectors.

He likes to be a front runner and therefore he is always openminded to get to know results from research project and practical implementations. Friso is always willing to share top-of-mind knowledge in conferences and trainings.

Recent projects include:

  • Development of the Shared Mobility Rocks! Guide
  • Development of a network of mobihubs in North-Holland
  • Shared mobility strategy for the northern provinces of The Netherlands
  • Implementing campaigns to promote sustainable mobility, including carsharing and cycling schemes
  • Annual Carsharing Monitor in the Netherlands for CROW
  • Support of cities and rural municipalities to development of carsharing policies for the Green Deal on carsharing.


Shared mobility is rocking! Carsharing and bikesharing is booming in many places and new forms like e-scooters pop up suddenly. Cities however struggle with market initiatives and don’t know how to deal shared mobility. What can we learn from successful cities? And how will we make shared mobility rock?