Brendan Finn

Brendan Finn

Brendan Finn is a Civil Engineer with an M.Sc. in Transport Operations and Engineering. He has around 40 years of experience in the domain of public transport, in a wide range of roles and contexts. His areas of expertise include organisational and management frameworks for public transport, passenger transport operations, technical support systems. He has extensive consultancy, operational and research experience.

He gained experience in passenger transport operations at Dublin Bus in Ireland from 1980 to 1993 in planning, depot management, operations management and implementation of new technology. Since 1993 he has been a transport consultant working throughout Europe, CIS, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He has participated in many collaborative EU research programs since 1992, while also contributing at program level and as reviewer.

He has extensive experience in the organisation, management and operations of passenger transport operations, including BRT. In addition to his national and international experience in conventional urban transport systems, he has participated in key European research projects on flexible transport/DRT, including SAMPO, SAMPLUS, FAMS, CONNECT and MASCARA, as well as on studies and projects for rural transport in Ireland and Northern Ireland. He has also worked on projects involving large-scale informal/paratransit in Asia, Africa and Middle East and worked with the associations and other stakeholders.

He has extensive experience with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), especially in systems for DRT/flexible transport, ticketing and fare collection systems, and operations management systems for public transport.

His other main area of expertise is in urban passenger transport organisation, institutional and regulatory frameworks, and passenger transport reform.

He has contributed to more than 50 international conferences, workshops and publications and is a regular participant and contributor to the TRB Annual Conference, where he participates in the Paratransit and Bus Transit Operations Committees and to Thredbo biannual conference series.



The presentation discusses the key findings from the SMARTA Project, highlighting the need for a new vision of rural mobility from different aspects, including, among the others, institutional, regulatory and financial framework, organization and key responsibilities on rural transport, and integration of shared mobility services and related policies.