Antal Gertheis

Antal Gertheis

Antal Gertheis is an economist with specialisation on urban and regional development, and managing director of Mobilissimus. He follows an integrated during his work, including human, technical and economic aspects of mobility.

Over the years his work focused on different mobility projects, including SUMPs and other transport strategies for various Hungarian cities (including Dunaújváros, Eger, Zalaegerszeg, Vác and the Budapest district of Zugló), as well as feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses of several CF and ERDF funded public transport projects. He is engaged in designing sustainable urban mobility solutions such as drafting bicycle traffic network plans for Hungarian cities and counties.

His European experiences include setting up the Magyar CIVINET Secretariat in the CIVITAS CAPITAL project and supporting the City of Budapest and BKK Centre for Budapest Transport in the CATCH-MR INTERREG IVC project as an external expert. He acted as a SUMP trainer, and worked for the take-up of SUMPs in the CIVITAS PROSPERITY H2020 project, besides being Neighbourhood Evaluation Manager for the Budapest-Törökőr neighbourhood in CIVITAS SUNRISE. He participated as senior mobility expert or team leader in several Interreg CE projects such as SHAREPLACE or EfficienCE, focusing on smart, green and sustainable mobility solutions for cities and their regions. In SASMOB Szeged, Mobilissimus capitalises on its experience in organisational mobility planning by supporting the implementation of seven organisational mobility plans for large companies engaging approximately 5,000 employees in the city of Szeged.



Looking for new ways to influence mobility behaviour, the city of Szeged initiated an alliance with major employers. This approach facilitates cooperation between businesses and the city, through which businesses receive tools to shape workplace mobility, and they can more efficiently contribute to the sustainable mobility goals of the city.