Andrea Lorenzini

Andrea Lorenzini

Andrea Lorenzini is a Transport Engineer working at MemEx (Italy). His areas of expertise include shared mobility and public transport, urban and rural mobility, smart cities and urban logistics. He has participated in studies on transport inclusivity and accessibility, end-users’ involvement and co-participatory processes. He has also provided technical assistance to clients mainly in the public transport services planning fields and urban logistics management.

Currently, he is involved in the SMARTA Project for the research and production of the state of the art EU28 Rural Mobility Policy and the overview European Good Practices in the field of shared mobility and public transport. SMARTA is an initiative promoted by the European Commission and supported by the European Parliament to investigate the potential of shared mobility solutions and public transport in European rural areas. Moreover, he is involved in the INCLUSION H2020 project, that aims to is to understand, assess and evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of transport solutions in European prioritised areas. Andrea provides his support also in the other EU projects where MemEx is partner.

Andrea has actively participated in different EU initiatives. He was a co-organiser of the SMARTA workshop at the European Rural Parliament 2019 in Candás, Asturias (ES), and presented the SMARTA project at the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan conference of 2019 in Groningen, The Netherlands. He also joined the NetworX event in 2019 promoted by the ENRD, where he organized a session on “networking for policy” in the Smart Villages domain.



The presentation discusses the key findings from the SMARTA Project, highlighting the need for a new vision of rural mobility from different aspects, including, among the others, institutional, regulatory and financial framework, organization and key responsibilities on rural transport, and integration of shared mobility services and related policies.